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Toms River North Festival 
Depart 8:30
Arrive - 9:00pm
Unload/change - 9-9:30am
Warm up 9:45
Perform/clinic 10-11am
Load - Maybe watch one band perform
Crystal Diner - 12:30-1:45
Home by 2:00pm

Clinics with Ron Kerber and Matt Gallagher
HS Jazz Ensemble - periods 1-3 (on stage)
MS Jazz Ensemble - Periods 4-5 (on stage)
HS Jazz Band - 2:30-4:30pm (M-4)

Deptford - Friday, April 19th - 2024
Depart - 3:15pm
Stop to eat 4:00pm 
Arrive at Deptford 6pm
Warm up - 8pm
Performance - 8:30pm
Awards- 9:30pm
Home by 11pm

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